3 simple steps to share (discover) added value

I often tried to get to a simple elevator pitch, either about my role or that of a client/product/solution. I never really seemed to nail it. There are a lot of theories how to write your content, how to make an elevator pitch, how to get to a service or product and even more important how to find your purpose.

The problem I have with these approaches is that they often get you thinking and writing. These theories do not yield a outcome quick/easy enough that you can test and improve upon. It often leaves me stuck between needing a right answer and how to get there.

That was until diving into lean I came across a short (3m37sec) video “How to make a 2 sec lean video”

I was not so much interested in the marker solution. The little model got my attention. Only 3 steps/7questions sum up a lot of more complicated theories and gives you a testable/doable answer in no-time.

My version of the model, talking from your prespective

    STEP 1

  1. NAME
  3. STEP 2

  4. WHAT bugs me (small or big) : the opportunity for improvement.
  5. WHY it  bug me. (Essential to find your driver, and for others to connect with it.)
  6. STEP 3

  7. What did I do/going to do to FIX it.
  8. What waste/improvement did I eliminate.
  9. Give credits (we are all connected, no one works alone)