8 tips from a senior Product Owner if you start working Agile

Every organization and every person will have is own experience when working Agile-style.

When asked what tips he had for an organization that was starting with the implementation of Agile a senior Product Owner from an organization that has well passed the first steps gave the following advice;


  1. Don’t be afraid to confront end users with different UX experiences
  2. Choose innovation over optimization
  3. Roadmap, don’t plan to far ahead; One quarter ahead crystal clear and beyond that…you are creating clarity
  4. Keep the dialogue going with all stakeholders
  5. Organize

  6. Get ready phase is essential for success; velocity, context, etc.
  7. Time-box your roadmap; organize pressure for progress.
  8. All elements on the roadmaps should be refined every two weeks; learn & adjust
  9. Perform a “Get ready” before you start an Epic; to set the highlevel context and customer promise
  10. 8 weeks before you start development activities on a story, the get ready phase should start