A Course in Miracles

A what?
Miracles? What should I think of that? As with more things I came across A Course in Miracles, or sort ACIM, in Guatemala. People were discussing I wondered what it would be. They considered ACIM worth your while but much work. I decided to have a look at the copy in the library of the meditation center. A heavy blue book was lying in my hands. The pages were thin and reminded me of a bible. 666 pages of text, 487 pages of lessons and 91 pages for the teachers among us, a total of 1244 pages. 1 KG!! Not a book you put in your backpack to travel with. I left it where it was.

Second time ACIM
In South Africa I came across it again. Nerine had bought “The Disappearance of the Universe” written by Gary Renard. I started reading in the Disappearance and loved it:

  • I found back many lessons I had learned myself, nicely put in words. (Always nice to get some confirmation)
  • I learned new views on existing concepts. (Progress…that’s what I was looking for.)

But above all it was a very nice introduction to ACIM. That is also what Gary is telling you he is not adding or subtracting from ACIM. ACIM is complete as it is. Gary’s book is a very nice introduction to ACIM. You understand what ACIM is about after reading The Disappearance. I went to the shops hoping for both books but I could only get ACIM. My copy was costing 364 Rand about 45 euro…not cheap but if it really brings you your freedom no price is to high.

Starting the course
The book
With the book at hand I started the course. Everyday a lessons. Every now and then I missed a day but I always returned. I also started reading the text but as time progressed the intervals for both became longer and longer. I found the lessons on internet. A new impulse but gradually I stopped. Why?

  • I was back in the Netherlands after traveling for 1.5 year.
  • I didn’t have my own place or a strict living rhythm.
  • I was passing time staying at place of friends and family having a very good time but not a time in which I succeed to have the discipline to do a daily lesson.
  • The book was to heavy for the backpack so it went in a box on the attic of my parents.
  • I did have problems with the wireless internet on my old laptop

All excuses! If you really want something you can do it!! Have to look myself in the eyes for this one.

What did I learn?
I made it to lesson 46 and read the text to page 81. What I learned so far is therefore more the case:
It is heavy work. The book is written in difficult English not an easy (American) read and I keep on heaving problems with the God/Bible context. It reminds me of the downsides organized religion.
All said and done I resonate with the lessons. I agree with them on a rational level and after doing them I always feel very good. Light, having a purpose and feeling the mystery life is. Only for this reason it would be worth my while to get going again.

ACIM and other spiritual paths?
Having tasted so many “Spiritual” roads I start seeing the difference between the road and the goal more and more clearly. For me ACIM fits very well. It is a more western approach using the mind and written lessons to get you to the destination. More inline with the Western Kabbalah. The eastern philosophies on the other side are often immediately leaving our Ego mind behind and using body or body functions to learn or experience the truth. Yoga but also many meditations are examples of this different approach.
ACIM fits very well in a western life-style. No need to go to a teacher or yoga center every week. Do your daily lessons when it suits you and you make progress! ACIM is also easy to combine with different other approaches. No hurt is done by combining spiritual yoga with ACIM. They reinforce each other.
In the end you are your own judge. See how it works for you. The internet lessons are for free. Start and I wish you have more discipline then I have at the present moment.

How does ACIM work?
ACIM is working on many different levels at once. You use your mind to read but you are not asked to understand the lesson with your mind. A nice split you have to get used to. Follow the feeling of wonder, I am sure you also feel, and not the feeling of mind resistance. The mind cannot solve the riddle and with that it is silenced and you talk directly to your deeper feeling and understanding of the world. On that level you already now the lessons you find in ACIM. ACIM is just reminding you actively. For example you probably already know that your attitude towards the world determines how you see and perceive the world. With that you have a self fulfilling prophecy. Lessons 32, 33 and 34 are a variation and reminder of this lesson.

Day by Day ACIM is taking you further. That for me is the big strength of ACIM. In a very structured way ACIM is helping you reprogramming the way you look into the world. Step for Step, Day by Day as every big journey and that it is.
ACIM helps you to get behind the Ego/Mind version of life and brings you in touch with your higher self. Put differently it shifts your attention from the mind to your soul as your core, your unchangeable self. With that you get an enormous liberation. Fear becomes a background noise. Everyday a little bit more.

Be Free, Be Happy!!

Links and Book details

Homepage: http://www.acim.org/

The direct link to the lessons http://fipdata.org/Lessons/Select/LinkedContents.htm

Book Details

A Course In Miracles
I have the combined volume, second edition.
I Text
II Workbook for Students
III Manual for Teachers

Written by Helen Schucman, William Thetford
Professors of Mecical Psychology at Columbia University
ISBN 0-670-86975-9
Foundation for Inner Peace
Viking/Penguin Books USA Inc.