A neutral space: Streaming your energy

Streaming your energy is a profound exercise to train your awareness. The advantages are numerous. If you repeatedly do this exercise, preferable once a day, you will experience the following advantages:

  • You learn to consciously observe sensations.
  • You create ownership.
  • Get more objectivity and space in your awareness, the distance to the sensation is increasing.
  • Train your awareness of energies, giving you the possibility to make conscious decisions. Instead of duly unconsciously perform your standard programming.
  • Re-learn to observe subtle changes in your field of awareness and getting the tools to differentiate between the qualities they poses.
  • Discriminate between your intuition (higher-self) and other sensations.
  • Feel more relaxed and at home in your body.
  • Feel inspired and energetic.(Streaming for 10 minutes feels like a power-nap to me.)
  • Boost your personal development, by creating awareness of and distance to concepts and patterns enabling you to live consciously

Daily training will make this exercise a second nature boosting the advantages and shortening the time and energy you need to do the exercise.

After such an intro expectations will be high and they should. There is also a but however; It is an training and you gain what you invest. The exercise it self is in the beginning rather complex and asks for familiarity and understanding of lot of concepts that are touched upon in the exercise. I have done my best to find a balance between giving you enough understanding to work with, without making the exercise to complex. To start you off some definitions to get at the same page. Probably I will write a lot more about these in the near future but for now:


  • Aura: The energetic space around your body.
  • Chakra’s: The seven energy centers placed along your spine numbered from one at the base till seven (duhh) at the top of your head.
  • Grounding: link between base of object and center of mother earth.
  • Imagination: Imagining is a very powerful tool to offer your system information to which it will automatically respond. Getting trained myself I was somewhat reluctant to believe that an image in my head could have profound effect on my body. Now a days I don’t have to believe but have the daily experience of witnessing the changes in my system on all levels, feeling my body respond, often with relaxation and calmness.
  • Ownership: You want ownership over your consciousness by creating a neutral space. If you allow this space or the tools you are using not to be clear you immediately give up part of the neutrality and ownership. In this exercise really take ownership by looking at what you create and not being satisfied with half images.
  • Asking questions: One very strong tool is asking questions to all the sensations you perceive, particular the images you see in your minds-eye. If you cannot see something or not see it clearly this is information. You take ownership and keep your distance by asking a question like “Why is it that I cannot see it clearly?”.
  • Center of your head: Here you find a neutral space from where you can observe objectively. It is from this place that readings are done. You can find the center by moving your awareness to the center of your head and from there check the distance to:
    • the top of your skull
    • the bottom
    • the distance to the back of your head
    • your forhead
    • your left ear
    • your right ear.

    For most people it is comfortable to go to the center and then move back a little, like 1 centimeter. This brings you just behind the stream of energy we will be creating in this exercise. Make this spot a very relaxing place to be. It is your space!!

  • Preparation for the exercise

    • Find a place where you feel safe and can be by yourself.
    • Make sure there are no disturbances for 10 minutes. (Switch off any devices that can interrupt, close the door and inform people around you.)
    • Since you may loose track of time setting a timer is helpful to relax deeper and get more out of the exercise.

    Streaming your Energy

    • Sit down on a chair with your back straight.
    • Place your feet, next to each other, on the ground.
    • Close your eyes.
    • Be aware of your breathing for a minute or so. I normally start with the “3 minute breathing exercise that will change your life” to jump start the exercise with getting my attention back to myself and out of previous activities.
    • Bring your attention in the center of your head. This is the space were you can find a neutral perspective and will find enough space to look objectively at sensations your are perceiving. With enough space and objectivity you have the tools to be conscious and stay present with the sensations you perceive. Without you will duly and unconsciously perform your programming getting you the results that you already know.
    • Imagine a rose in the center of the room you are in.
    • Give this rose a grounding. You can do this by connecting the base of the rose with the center of the earth with an imaginary line. For me placing the rose and giving it a grounding is a very relaxing and calming experience. It gives me the feeling that my body is dropping a few centimeters.
    • Are you still in the center of your head? Even if so, please check again.
    • Connect the rose with all the corners of the room. Effectively this gives the room a grounding. It gives me also a sense of clear space with an degree of ownership.
    • Take a moment to feel the effects of the exercise so far. Don’t feel a thing yet. No worries it takes some training to get more open to these sensations….you ignored them so long they are a little rusty.
    • Give yourself a grounding. Imagine a line between the base of your spine and the center of the earth. What does the line look like? What qualities does it have?
    • Start streaming (mother)earth energy. Let the energy of the earth get in at the sole of your both feet and let it stream up through your legs into an imaginary bowl at the base of your spine. This is the place of your first chakra, the bowl is an helpful metaphor. The bowl will fill up, the surplus will stream through your grounding back to the center of the earth.
    • Start getting back your energy. Imagine you have a private sun above your heat. This sophisticate piece of machinery exactly knows where your energy has been dispersed, how to get it back and filter your energy from other energy. Connect your sun with the base of your skull by imagining a connection between the two. Poke your sun to wake it up and ask it to start getting back your energy from all the places you left it.
    • Are you still in the center of your head? Even if so, please check again.
    • Stream the energy from the previous step along side your spine to the base and into the same bowl where the earth energy is streaming. The excess of energy will also use your grounding to flow back to the earth.
    • Let the energy from the earth and the energy you get back mix in your bowl.
    • Feel and decide in what ratio you want to stream this mixed energy back up through your chakra’s again. For instance 60% vs 40% earth energy. Make a conscious decision. In my experience to much earth energy makes everything heavy and slow. To much of the other energy makes your experience chaotic and unstable.
    • Let this mix of energy fill your second chakra. Be aware and present with your second chakra while remaining in the center of your head. Either look down from the center of your head to your second chakra or look at a screen before you. The latter will have advantages in the long run, but I found it harder in the beginning.
      It is my experience that with ongoing training you start noticing more and more. Since everything is information, paying attention will train your ability to perceive (or just re-learn you to perceive the signals that you have ignored for a long time) and at the same time build your reference frame and ownership.
    • Let this mix of energy stream further up and fill your third chakra. Again be aware while remaining in the center of your head.
    • Fill your fourth chakra. Let it fill and stream on without interference, the tendency is to push. Feel what is happening and follow while remaining aware and in the center of your head.
    • Let the mix of energy fill your fifth chakra. Are you still following and aware while present in the center of your head?
    • Let this mix of energy fill your sixth chakra.
    • Let this mix of energy flow out the top of your head (your seventh chakra) like a fountain. The energy will flow over the outside of your aura back to your grounding and is absorbed by the earth.
    • Pause a little to observe and get to know this feeling.
    • Place a rose at the border of your aura. This helps you to define the space around you. There is no need to judge the size of your aura. Any size will do as long as you are aware of it and own it.
    • Imagine that the top of your seventh chakra is a vertical circle filled with golden energy. If you did wonder about the energies that will have to pass don’t. The energies that need to go through will do so. Filling my 7th with gold makes it easier for me to stay in my body.
    • Let this energy stream continue without your interference. Be aware of it for the remaining time of this exercise or for as long as feels comfortable. It should feel relaxed and give you a sense of belonging and spaciousness.