Agile Creativity

Can Agile be used outside software development projects?

Ad executives think they can and give you 7 tips;
and I give you my comment behind the :

  1. Physically (or Virtually) Co-locate: Bring the team together
  2. Add Technologists to the Creative Team: Create a team that has all the skills to create an endproduct
  3. Develop T-Shaped Talent: Keep the team small, every member has more then one skill set
  4. Get “Real-Time” Insights: Fact based > opinions
  5. Plan an Offsite “Idea-thon”: Develop a prototype & test it ASAP
  6. Iterate and Test Campaigns: Betatest with (small) segment of end-users
  7. Partner on Pilot Projects: Make your customer is part of the process/Journey together

Not named explicit but in these tips the basic steps to reduce the product development risk are present. See also my post agile Spotify style.