Bhagavan Das, the guide of Ram Dass(Be Here Now), in concert

Saturday 21st of October 18:57, Bhagavan Das in concert.

Highest gear
In highest gear I entered svaha yoga, just in time? I had spent the night in the eastern part of the Netherlands, traveled to the south to be at my brothers birthday party, missed the best connecting train to Amsterdam and the buyer of my Palm who I would meet at Amsterdam Central Station was running late and could not find the meeting point. Time! I ended up walking at a high pace to svaha yoga having only a vague idea of the location. Laughing about myself that all the traveling and meditating I have done so far has reduced the stress-levels of meeting a time schedule but definitely not erased them.
Bhagavan Das My time and western behavior were going to meet the east represented by Bhagavan Das singing about ageless wisdom playing on instruments from all times. I was above all curious about the man. On forehand I had listened to some of his songs. Nice but I would not play it all night long to entertain myself. A concert is always something different but maybe I should have read the sign. Entering svaha yoga I met Bhagavan Das. A tall man in his 60’s, dressed in white, small glasses balancing on his nose, long grey beard on his chest and the hair that was left made long dreadlocks on his back. A smile played on his face, a friendly feeling surrounded him, he was meeting and greeting the people that came to his concert. I liked this immediately no guru hiding away behavior. Just there because you are coming to see him. I said hello and went searching for a place to sit and to cool down.
The concert
Bhagavan Das A little later a friend of mine entered we greeted. I offered him some of my clothing to sit on. As expected no chairs everybody is according to tradition sitting on the ground. Bhagavan Das started playing. Life was definitely a lot nicer then the recordings. I amused myself a while with watching him play. He was amusing himself with a child like quality of joy. It affected me as well. After a while I closed my eyes and played for a long time with the energies around me. The nervous energy of the lady sitting behind us, the harder energy of the lady in front of me, the moods that were provoked by the songs of Bhagavan Das. I opened my eyes again looked around for a while sang along with some of the songs closed my eyes again and so time passed by.
Leaving early
Around 22:00 I had done this a couple of times and had definitely had enough. I had sit crossed legged for 3 hours, I had heard the music and got the feeling that my wish to learn more about the man would not materialize. More and more people started leaving. I did wait for a half a hour more and left. My friend stayed. Outside in the cool air of the night I walked and thought about the evening. Nice but I was not over enthusiastic. To much music and no talking. Nice seeing him but I would have liked to meet the person behind the appearance as well. May be that my own expectations were not correct, it was announced as a concert and that is definitely what happened. You don’t go to Robbie Willams to hear him talk. Looking at the audience and the life story of Bhagavan Das I feel that this is a different case. Most of the audience has been in India, wants to go to India or is closely involved with aspects of India doing Yoga and listening to this music. His experiences and life lessons could definitely have added a lot to this experience for me. My friend stayed an other hour to the end and bought his book (It’s Here Now (Are You?)) which Bhagavan nicely signed for him. Maybe I should read it as well and get the wanted insights from there?
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Bhagavan Das
For me the guide of Ram Dass in India. Ram Dass’s classic “Be Here Now” was my favorite book when I was doing my retreat in Guatemala. “Be Here Now” was full with the answers I had discovered for myself, nicely placed in a readable form. With my upcoming India Travel an oppertunity I didn’t want to miss.
Bhagavan Das is a California-born Bhakti Yogi who in the 1960’s was the first Western disciple of the modern Saint Neem Karoli Baba. He spent 7 years in India and Nepal studying Hinduism, Buddhism, meditation, and living the life of a Sadhu (an ascetic holy man). During this time he became a mentor to Ram Dass, who featured Bhagavan Das in the classic “Be Here Now”. As a devotee and scholar, Bhagavan Das offers an unparalled perspective on belnding Eastern conciousness into the spiritual whirlpool of Western life. He serves as a guide to identify and celebrate the sacred in our own lives. Bhagavan Das, author of “it’s Here Now”, Are You? (a spiritual memoir) is a master of chanting and Nada yoga-the mysticism of sound.
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Saturday October 21st at 19.00 Hr Willemsstraat 133 Amsterdam for info:
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Tickets Euro 20.00
Tickets available at Svaha Yoga Shala

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