Blue?! The same you again.

Those days
Amsterdam is grey and overcastted. It is the last day of October the winter is knocking on the door. I am jobless and homeless; baby sitting houses or being guest by friends and family. No goal to achieve, No responsibilities, No where to go. Empty.

Those were days
Different Jobs,
Different Girlfriends,
Different Cars,
Different Motorbikes,
Different Houses,
Different Holidays,
Different Goals,
….The same me. Searching not finding!


Then came days
I started looking. Not knowing for what. I had to let go, the job, the girl, the car, the bike, the house, Me?? Life became a holiday……….the same me. Searching not finding?


These days
I am looking at myself. Laughing and crying. Busy and quiet. I see the joke of it all. There is nothing to be found, nothing to be lost. It is all there.

Step by step, falling and climbing up I am integrating what was never lost. All there, all the time

I still like Amsterdam better when the Sun is shinning!