Post Template & Color generator

Site inspiration: Template and color generator

I just finished building a template for the posts/articles. You see it her in use; an overview with a quick index, top navigation for quicker reading and some standard html for images and lines. Not complicated but nice to have available for quick writing.

Template needed for posts?
It has advantages and disadvantages but I decided to give it a try.


  • The reader can get a quick idea of the content and navigate to the item of interest.
  • I don’t like the html editor of wordpress so much. It often seems to change the code if there is something it doesn’t understand.


  • You get some of your layout in the article. The idea of the wordpress templates is not to have layout in your articles it makes layouting inflexible. I kept it to the basics but nevertheless a disadvantage.


Lessons while building a template:

  • WordPress cannot work with html comments the complete article will not show. So I removed the comments from the template not nice but it works.See also.
  • The standard html editor will change a lot of tags if it doesn’t understand something. This results in a lot of rework.


Color generator
The bgcolor tag is not valid anymore in html 4.0. I decided to use it any way…..the new way is having the style tags in a css extern or inline. To be more certain about the background color I used for the index I used a color generator: You can play with the colors and see what you get. Be sure to put the safe web modes on and you can copy, past the code of the color you like in the bgcolor tag.


I seem not to be able to upload the template file to this post… issue. I will resolve this later. I hope 😉 You can find the template in the mean time on