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The Conscious Universe

I can recommend watching this movie of Alan Wallace to everybody even vaguely interested in consciousness and/or meditation. I found it very insightful. I will make sure to watch it again and investigate more of Alan. Hope it inspires you as much. Of bekijk de flash versie. Alan’s personal website with more information

Healing Touch

Slowly we seem to be changing our attitude in the area of others ways of getting healthy: Healing Touch Steeds meer zieke Amerikanen kiezen naast medicijnen voor ‘Healing Touch’ een soort handoplegging. De alternatieve behandelmethode moet zorgen voor minder stress en een algeheel beter gevoel. Videorapportage!

Global Oneness a dream dictionary

What? The meeting place for Cultural Creatives – Articles, News, Community, Forums, Travel & Events and much more Link! How? Searching for more information on pranayam yoga I came across this website with tons of articles. After playing with the dream dictionary I became impressed with the amount of articles and curious I decided …