Equanimity: meditation & reading support.

My favorite meditation and reading timer has been updated and how! It has now tracking and journal functions added without losing anything of it “simple”, “easy to use”, “just what you need and not more” qualities. Useful for advanced and beginning meditators.

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As most people I meditate and read with my eyes closed, at least in my formal exercises. No need for anything but my own awareness. An Iphone and fancy applications are a bit odd in this perspective. BUT we live in a world where they exist as well. They make life easier supporting and inspiring also my inner travels.

Equanimity’s design is simple and very easy to use, to me this means that it is intuitive. Upon start it shows you a circle representing 100% of your meditation time. A small “i” at the bottom lets you set Preparation Time, Interval Chimes and your complete sitting time. Also at the bottom is “journal” where you can see when and how much you have meditated other days. Hitting a day shows you journal entries if you want to work with them. Turning your iPhone to its side will give you additional info; Recent sittings, Continuous Runs and Total Practice hours.

What I liked about the previous version was the simple design, intuitive use, the just what you need approach and the chimes. Maybe I am a sucker but it really helps me to get in and out meditation easy with these calm sounds.

The new version has tracking possibilities what makes it even more attractive to use. Being present is a quality and not to be measured but to be lived. Formal exercise and finding the energy and time to keep them doing are however highly stimulated by stats and keeping track of progress.

Consciously keeping track of your progress and making adjustments if the things you try are not working is for me the key to personal development. Daily life asks a lot of our attention, it is not easy to keep track of subtile changes that in the long run will make the difference in your life. Stats and Journals are a great help to overcome this and not waste your time and energy.

What I like even better about the new version is that you can switch to other applications while keeping it running. This enables you, for example, to start your ipod for a partly guided meditation. In my case I use this function to record a reading with iPhone’s native Dictaphone and stay within the allocated time.


  • Meditation timer and tracker
  • Author:Robin Barooah
  • Version I own: 2.2.2
  • Price: Euro 3.99
  • Requires: iOS 3.1 or later
  • For: iPhone, iPod touch, Ipad
  • Download/Purchase at iTunes
  • Pro’s

  • Simple interface
  • Integrated journal
  • Useful tools to track your history and progress
  • Export function
  • Cons

  • Only for iPhone
  • Tracking features can make it an achievement game. Don’t fall for it. Quality is far more important then duration 😉
  • It is not free (anymore)