Feedback on!

I asked some friends to have a sneak preview on my blog. It learned me that they missed overview. …………….the left side bar discussion. I wrote about it earlier. How to get the categories lined up?


Not satisfied
So still not satisfied with the navigation options the glued-ideas-subtle-01 theme was offering me I went in for a new search. I started again with they had supplied the earlier themes as well but I could not find something else that suited me….this let me to searching in more remote places for a solution.


Some of the hits

  • I came across the website of Michael D. Pollock. I like his own website I am not to fond of the free themes he is offering. The same is true for
  • Downloaded some more themes the WP-Andreas01 1.3 is running now. A smart design that places edit links with all articles, comments and pages. Very nice for, me, the author. I like the standard sidebars but not when I change them with the widgets.
  • Came across kaushalsheth going to the theme page en clicking on one of the demo links you can see all the themes jumping from one theme to the next. Saw a lot of familiar faces but not something I liked.
  • 980 themes in a list on emilyrobbins

    Not easy searching because you have to click on each one to get an impression. Number 91 Beta well known from other lists. Looks nice but is not servicing my needs.

  • I’m not the only one looking for good themes:
  • Made it to light CMS in the 980 theme list clicking randomly mostly on 3 columns widget ready……..didn’t find it. Finished the list today got two themes, installed them and played with them for a while. Nope.


No changes after all?
After endless searching I decided to just work with what I have. I only changed the number of articles showing on the front page to zero. The effect is that you only find titles of the latest articles. This makes the right side of the page, with my side intro, a lot more present; it is virtually the only text showing. The closest I could get to the input of my friends.

My attempt to also reduce the number of categories in the list on the home-page made all articles invisible. Time-wise I leave it at this. In time, if the blog keeps on developing, it looks a wise thing to have somebody build a template for me in which I can incorporate all my lessons/wishes.

Please keep on sending me your feedback!! On layout, navigation, content, writingstyle,…..!! Don’t think why bother, every bit will help to improve!?