Google again

How I got started
Just added my full name to the title, to get more hits. (See also and comments) Checking the last crawl date for my site in google I came across the sitemap option again. I had ignored it so far but my curiosity was winning the bid.

In your google account just follow site map. There you will find a short description of what a sitemap is and how to add the sitemap to your website. In general it is a little file you put in the root it helps search engines to find the content on your site.
Making the sitemap, see the google explanation, is done with a sitemap generator.

The generator found in Google
In Google they direct you to Sourceforge to get it. I went for 1.4 zip and got it from the mirror in Amsterdam.

Unzip and………right!! My machine does not recognize an executable. Looking in the XML file it looks like I have to fill in all kind of parameters. I don’t want this. Back to Sourceforge got the 1.4 tar.gz. Unzip……nope probably for macs. Hmmm.

“free sitemap generator”
New window and google: “free sitemap generator”
auditmypc (I choose the option for all search engines)
Gnaaa I missed the correct Java runtime environment. Had to download this first Auditmypc is supplying you with the correct links. It takes sometime but I am done. So I thought…reload the site…same problem. Probably have to restart. According to the text only firefox needs a restart. Yep it works. Auditmypc gives some nice background on sitemaps, what they are and what they can do.

Only google?
On the bottom of the page they give you a link especially for google. I would like a sitemap on my site and google and not excluding other search engine’s. Double work? First the google? Auditmypc is explaining the differences. Don’t want to mess up things lets start with the general one.

Generating and placing
Click on the icon. A “pop-up” opens I filled in and started crawling. 5 minutes and counting..almost 10 minutes. I clicked on Entries…no clue what to do else. A long list and some options what to do with it. First saved “the sitemap only”, not for readers indeed. Looked at the report a lot of broken links. No glue why?
Also no glue what to do with the results. Where do I put them? And which one?


The nice thing about this type of sitemap is that it can be read by humans AND search engines. Website owners simply use our program to generate an HTML sitemap, upload that file to their server’s root directory (same location as the website’s main page) and place a link to the file in their footer (bottom of the website’s main page)

I don’t want this ugly sitemap in my site. I will place it any how but use as font color the background color. No one will see it. Just for the engine’s.
FTP sitemap.html to the root. (If you want to see it
Editing the footer of my site is done the same way as the header. (See also.) Since all the changes, title and now the footer are done in the current theme. It is of no use changing themes anymore. (Or I have to put the changes in there as well.)
The footer background is a image and not a color. I will make the link grey. Didn’t work and it is showing on a ugly place, used the div of the copyright. Not getting better.
In the same div as the credit logo’s at the bottom. Ah much better.
Placed h6 xxxx /h6 around it to lose the link line under it. Removed them again. The only effect is that the sitemap link is now under the logo’s not nice. OK!


  • I changed the title of my site and now I also placed a sitemap. In a couple of days, when google has crawled my site again I can only see the combined effects of both. You too! Just keep on googling me. A future project may still be making a special google map.
  • Without looking for it, I seem to have acquired the skills to boost the performance of sites in search engines. Any need for help? (I am a consultant after all ;-))
  • A java runtime environment installed!
  • This little article.
  • And a sitemap is added to…check it out!

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