Oct 2006: You cannot find me!

Why bother?
Ever heard something you thought was interesting and you want to read some more? Ever met somebody you thought was interesting and you want to find that person back? That is why I bother! I write to inspire people. It would be a shame if people get a little spark but cannot find more.

Googling for me?
If you google me you will not find me at this present moment. With my full name; “walter hottinga” you would find An entry that links me to my former school but you have to be a (free) member to find this out and it is all in Dutch. Walter or Hottinga will not give you a link to my site in the first couple of pages either. I don’t know about you but I am not looking at the last page of a search.

Most websites start there page with a couple of standard tags; “html”, “head” followed by “body”. In the head section you can among other things tell the world wide web more about your site. It used to be the way to get attention from search engine’s with heavy abuse this changed but I still wanted to do everything I could to get the maximum attention.

Updating head in wordpress?
That was easier to think of then todo. I started with looking in the CMS of wordpress. No luck. Then I tried to figure out the php. I tried different things but no luck there either. If you want to find something you google so also in this case: Goolge; “wordpress head” And on the top of the list the answer from Lorelle

My head!
meta name=”keywords” content=”Walter, Hottinga, Walter Hottinga, Coaching, Consulting, Travel, Weblog, Blog, Development, Photo”
meta name=”Description” content=”Coaching”
meta name=”Author” content=”Walter Hottinga”
meta name=”Content-Language” CONTENT=”english”
meta name=”Robots” content=”index,follow”
meta name=”verify-v1″ content=”L1N9znsYujVzFxut5nZiOoxeITRt7BXn7YqGbTMJgeM=”

At least the part I added. You can see the complete head info if you right-click on my site and then click on “View Page Source”
Google account!
After this preparation I made myself a google account. This enables me to keep track of google activity on my site but more important it gives me a (minimum) of influence on the ranking in Google. You can hardly influence anything………….logical otherwise nobody would trust Google. Adding your site ensures that Google will index your site that’s all. I hope it will do me some good.

Want to help?
The best way to ensure that other people can find me is a link on your site! This helps double. Direct: People visiting your site can take a look on my site as well. Indirect: Google uses links on other site as its main indicator to give you a page rank. Thank you!

Future work?
There are many other ways to inform people about your site:

  • Newsletter: I already installed a newsletter. People can sent this on as well thus making sure that other people get the correct link.
  • Blog sites: There are many sites that make your blog visible. You can do something in WordPress to influence this……..something I will look in later
  • Rss feeds: Also for future investigation. I have no experience with it. At this moment you get the document tree…anyone?