Healing my Chakra’s with Jarvorka

How did I end up having this done by her?
I love parties! Well that’s not unique more people do. But one of the reasons why I especially like the parties of others is that they always bring you in contact with new people. In this case I met Wouter on a birthday party of a friend of mine. We started chatting and he enthusiastically told me about Jarvorka. This woman that had helped him and others being more relaxed musicians.

Wouter’s description made me really curious and I asked for her cell number.

What could I expect from Chakra Healing?
Hmmm. I knew somethings about chakra’s.Chakra's on the body I checked wikipedia to refresh. In short I would say an energy center in the body that must be in motion in order to keep you functioning. Follow this link to read more yourself.
The cleaning part I see as follows: We are made of energy. This energy has more gross components for example our physical body and subtler like the heat your body radiates outwards. The heat you radiate outwards is not constant in time and place. Certain parts of your body are colder, how many people don’t have problems with cold feet! For one or the other reason the heat energy is blocked and doesn’t reach their feet. If you take away this block your feet will heat up again.
The same is true with the even more subtler energies found in the chakra. Enough background for me.

Where my feet cold that I needed to see her? No. But I had experienced previous energy work and knew how powerful it can be. It can bring all kind of things in motion that you were not aware of but with them in motion you surely feel a lot better. My curiosity was manly based on the down to earth result focused description of Jarvorka’s work that Wouter had given me.
I had no specific questions and was not searching for specific results. Thus I was only in it for the experience and curios about her way of working.

Google & miss Jarvorka?
If you are in for the experience you better have a good experience. A few google hits. I found:

  • her address
  • she is ex Yugoslavian speaks therefore Dutch with an accent
  • she comes regularly on the Para view a weekly event held in different locations in the Netherlands
  • some entries of people being enthusiastic
  • non negative stories but also no own website

I decided that it was worth my while.

Meeting miss Jarvorka
The appointment was set for the 18 September of 2006 a Monday night. We were meeting in her apartment. I drove to Amersfoort and parked for the building. Number 44 had no name sign next to the bell. Hmmm. I ringed it and was surprised by the strong voice that greeted me and let me in. I was walking towards the front door when I was greeted by a small enthusiastic little white dog. Miss Jarvorka met me in the front door with a smile. She turned out to be a small lady with blond hair, dressed in sportive modern clothing.
She let me into her living room. Besides the red wallpaper that is really present, my eye was caught by some paintings. She had made them herself. The images were spiritually inspired and reminded me of the images I know from some older Tarot decks.
She offered me some tea and we sat down. She asked what I wanted. I answered her that I was not looking for anything specific. We started talking about life. Hers and mine. We talked for quit a while. When she stood up to light another incense I was going over the evening so far. We had talked a lot but I started to wonder if we were going to do anything…..I didn’t want to have only 10 minutes left for what I came for and then being rushed out of the door. Should I make a move or let her control the process and just go for the experience. The latter I decided. Mostly based up the other things I had experienced so far. Miss Jarvorka seemed grounded and not performing a show.
I am not fond of people who deem it necessary to dress all up for the occasion with an abundance of New Age paraphernalia and who have created a stage to perform on. It is like going to your GP for a cold and finding her dressed up for it in a operation suit examining you in a room full with skulls and surgery equipment..not very encouraging nor helping in any way.

The treatment
After some more talk she made the move and asked me to lie down on my back on the sofa and make myself comfortable. She asked me to close my eyes. She would start with cleaning my aura, which took some minutes. In this process she will move her hands a few inches above your body and remove the energies that don’t belong there. It gave me some time to relax and sink in the sofa.
The next step is the actual chakra cleaning. She will put pressure on one of your chakra points and give you directions on how to breath. With the pressure applied she asks you to describe what you feel or see. This went very quickly for me. From some more gross feelings I quickly went to see clear images. She kept on forcing me to describe them and really bring the images out. Describing them made them stronger, clearer. This was very helpful. I meditate easy but I like the floating experiences of all the images and feelings they arouse in my body so much that I easily drift on without learning the deeper lessons or fighting my fight. This was my first big lesson for the evening. She helped me learning and practicing a technique that I can easily use in more occasions.
One image after the other was coming and she helped me confronting them. I looked in the eyes of the people I met and saw them being bigger then me standing in my way with cold hard eyes. More images followed. It became clear why they were standing in my way. Back to the eye, the color changed, the relative size of our bodies compared with each other became equal. The person stepped aside or through their eye I stepped in a new world. Passed. It made me very emotional…………yes I had to cry. I let it go. Jarvorka asked me to breath deep in and out and the point she was holding was sinking deeper. The tension under it was gone.
Jarvorka moved on to the next point. The experience in this point was different then the first. It was more a story that showed me and had me feel again why I have big beautiful visions and can be very enthusiastic about them but can be very hesitating going into the executing phase. Very helpful as well more tissues were needed. Again Jarvorka had me breath deep and gave more pressure on the point. The pressure was gone. I was left alone for a few minutes to recover before I sat up. We started talking again. She had also seen a lot of images and felt in a blank for me and told me some more. After more talking it was time to go. I paid her, a little bit absence, and drove back to Amsterdam. It had been a very successful evening. Nice experiences, but more important a new technique learned and some very important lessons.
The next morning I felt very energetic and strong. Empowered! In the evening an energy conscious friend of mine remarked that I was radiating energy and wondered what I had done. I told him about Jarvorka. He will she her soon.

Contact information
Jarvorka chakra-healing

Cell +31 6 30068318
de gouden ploeg 44
3724 DN Amersfoort

A session

  • 50 euro for a session (normally a bit more then a hour)
  • She is also often on the Para view. There she does sessions of 20 minutes for euro 12,50.