Hosting, WordPress, Flickr, FTP, Hotmail

This is the unofficial start of my new website.

To have it live I need some content and therefore you find below the “How did this all start?”

I started with developing a new website from scratch unhappy as I was with my previous attempts. This new attempt made it live. A big step if I look how many attempts I had that didn’t make it to that stage. When I had to finish the last things I started to foresee so much work in maintenance; it made me stop in my tracks. Why should I finish it if there is no way that I will be able to maintain it?

I love the challenge of programming and figuring it all out but I wanted to write and not to learn a new programming skill, nor spending time programming.

With some searching….I should leave the some out. With searching and trying I found the combination of services that are now named!

In random order:

  • Hosting: The hosting is done by There I have set up 50mb windows hosting service. I didn’t look into other providers at this time. I started with Denit a long time ago, all my previous attempts to build a website were hosted with them. I decided to stay with them for the by me experienced services level of their helpdesk.
  • Content Management: I wanted a content management system that would enable me to write and publish concentrating on the content instead of seeing my attention going to form, layout and the publishing. Blog software seemed the most logical option. I wanted to keep total control over my site. No third party having any influence. Google brought me in contact with a site where they describe how to install the different software tools and what their advantages are. I did chose for WordPress, Why:

· It is free!!

· The installation was really easy as promised.

· Some more googling had learned me that there where a lot of different themes that give me a basis to create my own look and feel.

· Many enthusiastic people are building free plug-ins. The plug-in that I liked immediately was a link with flickr.

  • Photo Management: Flickr. Why? I have only 50 Mb of space and I like traveling and taking pictures. I had not found a solution to share these pics during my travels so far. I hope that this combination will do it for me….20MB max upload each month….have to find a free reducing tool before I upload. This will also minimize my time in one of the remote internet cafés I find my self back in regularly.
  • FTP: I was not looking forward to place all the files of WordPress manually on my website. Google helped me to find a free FTP tool: Smart FTP Client 2.0. Very easy to use.
  • Mail and Agenda: I have a hotmail account. . The classic version (The new live version is to slow for me) this gives me a mail box of 250 Mb for free and a workable agenda system. The mail that you sent me on is redirected to this address. This saves me more then 35Mb on my hosting service. You will never notice this. In my replay’s you will find again as sending address.

Result: A nice, (almost) free, quick setup. Big bonus, I am not depending on any thing else then an internet connection. Traveling I am not depending on having any equipment with me. No carrying!!, no risk of stealing or breaking down in some remote area.

This is it for the moment time to publish this as my first post.