Practice aura viewing

Practical aura viewing I
Unto recently I could not see a thing. Depending on my state of alertness I would be able to sense things. Unhappiness, pain, joy, sources of those feelings, colors and shapes, dominant thought patterns. They would tell me a lot but since they are so subtle it is hard to verify them. How to train yourself? Seeing verifiable colors would definitely help me a lot; gaining confidence but also in training myself.
As with more things in life that are valuable, this is not something you can force. Believe me I tried although all the books and sites told me otherwise.
After a long night I suddenly found myself gazing at a subtle light around somebody’s body. I cleaned my classes. The light persisted. After some good sleep I looked again…still the light. The next week still the light………small color less/blue-is….but light.

Practical aura viewing II
With the gained sight I was looking for some practical exercises to assist me in developing my aura viewing. Googling I came across and felt the urge to share the link with you.

The exercise: Alternating view

What stood out for me was the simple trick of alternating active and perceptive looking. The outcome of this trick is the integration of both viewing techniques. Finding perceptive a lot easier, like most people, I have a feeling this will quickly help me to integrate the both.

“There is a technique that will assist you in learning to see the aura. In learning to see it you will use the same basic concepts you employed in the intuitive technique that assisted you in beginning to receive psychic information and guidance. You will, in learning to view the aura, use a similar alternation between active and receptive principles. You will concentrate (with the active principle) upon the shape of the area over which you wish to see the aura (either a part of the body or the entire body), as you see it with your eyes. You will then release (into the receptive principle) to allow impressions of the aura to form in your mind’s eye, at first, and then will attempt to confirm this intuitive impression with your physical eyes. It is easier to learn to see the aura in this way, because the aura is seen first with the mind’s eye, and then with the physical eyes. To learn to see the aura in this way makes perception easier and serves to perfect the ability. In actuality, as you become more and more able to see the aura you will see it with the mind’s eye in conjunction with the physical eyes.”


Full text of the exercise.