7 December 2017


The way we love to create impact, some of our typical services:

  • People
    • business coaching,
    • authentic leadership training
  • Strategy
    • designing strategies,
    • (digital)transformations,
  • Execution
    • driving sales & execution
    • structured innovation,
  • Numbers
    • cashflow & margin improvements
    • design Key Promise Indicators

And we love to deliver talks, quickscans and workshops.

What ever we do for you, we are thrilled to have the biggest impact possible. Thats why we choose to work for people that create the most impact on our planet. We tend to find the impact we are looking for in people that match the description below.

You are a leader. Who is…


…having such a compelling urge for creating more impact/growth that you are willing to re examine “all your truths”?


“What got you here, won’t got you there” & Only the quickest to adapt will thrive. I choose to work for teams and individuals that are willing and able. I love to work with people that are driving impact themselves.


…convinced that a group of people (your team) is smarter and gets further in realising impact then you alone?


Creating your entrepreneurial dream should be fun, not a burden resting dominantly on your shoulders. Alone you may go faster (for a while), together you get further and with exponentially more impact.


…offering products & services that benefits us all. Now and in the future?


I believe we co-create the world we live in. I want to be proud of the impact we have on the world that we co-create for our children.


…in the middle of, or starting, a Scale up Journey; Ideally heading a team of 10-55 with > 5 mlj revenue, who have proven to be capable?


I look for impact & innovation to co-create our world of tomorrow. I find most impact and relevant innovation is created by scale-ups. Research proves this finding to be correct.


Then we would love to hear from you! 

What happens if you press the send button?

Typically we schedule a call, have a coffee and investigate together if we are the best fit to move the needle on your dream. We love to look at passion, people, strategy, execution and cash to get a feeling. If there is a fit we make a first proposal to get us started. Nothing beats the actual experience to judge our fit and impact.

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