Start again…Vipassana-meditation in Amsterdam

Looking for a little support to keep your meditation routine alive? Want to refresh your routine? Just looking for company of other meditators?

Or just for fun! Vipassana Meditation session in Amsterdam.

Not for everybody
For the people who did at least one 10 day course there is the possibility to join one of the weekly Vipassana sessions held in Amsterdam. The session are organized weekly at the private residences of the volunteers. The addresses and the maps can be found below.

The sittings
Reservation is not possible and not necessary. The blue meditation cushions are available. It is advisable to bring your own mediation cushion/bench/blanket. If you or not in a position to bring it you can borrow one. Most sittings are started with the well known introduction by Goenka and finished with his famous last words. After the sitting there is the possibility to have a cup of tea and a chat.

And of course
Be there in time or you disturb all others!

The time and addresses can be found here:

Login as old student & you will find current places & times. (Wednesday & Friday at this moment)