9 December 2017

That Impact Guy

My name is Walter Hottinga. I coined the name “that impact guy”. The past 20 years I have created better organisations & grown the people involved.

I see organisations as the way to impact the world we want to live in. Unite us behind a shared purpose giving us the change to develop our full potential being an active member of our world.

We can do better
Working with and inside big en small companies I grew frustrated by the amount of energy and potential we humans “waste” on a daily basis.

I noticed that we often loose in three big ways:
– The goals we chase to create our dreams
– The values that guide us in achieving our goals.
– The way we organise our (human) potential to achieve these goals.

There are many examples of organisations and leaders that have achieved a big impact on our world. I applaud them for it and study them vigorously .

Some of my heroes, all with a different impact, some recent some ages ago: Martin Luther King, Rosa Park, Ghandi, Christus, Bhudda, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Ricardo Semler, Jos de Blok, Thich Nhat Hanh. I see myself nowhere in the vicinity of these and other impact heroes. I do get inspiration and energy from studying them.

Business coach
Being an business coach, student of life, brother in crime,…I humbly give it my all to support organisations with services that help to create a bigger impact.

I am known for getting the results in while being focused on the people I work with.

More on my professional background? Check Linkedin (feel welcome to connect).

I would love to learn about your present or planned impact story.

Feel free to contact me, impact we create together.

Walter Hottinga COACHES is a network organisation. Nimble by nature we quickly scale the experts that will help you best.

Walter Hottinga, “that impact guy”.

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