Time to say goodbye to friends and family in the Netherlands (for a while)!


The 4th of February Paul, my travel-mate and good friend, and I give a farewell party. This is the last day for us in the Netherlands. The 5th we will fly to London, spent a day there, fly to Bahrain spent 3 days on its islands in the Persian Gulf, before we fly the last bit into Mumbai to reach Indian soil.
We plan to travel to various destinations in India, first going upwards slowly making our way into Nepal. Doing meditation courses, visiting Guru’s, masters and their ashrams, sight seeing the ancient culture, getting shocked by the extremes found in Indian society and having a wonderful time doing it all…and probably more. After exploring the North we will be going down the see more of the South.
Our return tickets, to the Netherlands, are booked for the 30th of august, but as my brother remarked, I have never used a return ticket so far. Traveling it is better to go with the flow and see. (I also got a visa and LP to China….why not if you are in the neighborhood.)