Update: 21-days : My goal is not worth one euro!

Today having lunch the attention was drawn to my “21-day-bracelet”. I described the 21 days change program and my personal goal with it.  

Somebody related a story about his teacher on high school. His teacher had tried to quit smoking more than once.  The stop once and for all the teacher promised everybody 50 euro every time they saw him with a cigarette or when he smelled as if he had been smoking.  A strong motivation: bankruptcy and social pressure made him quite immediately. 

As a variant I was suggested to pay everybody one euro every time I missed my change goal.  It would create a social environment that would be very supportive of my change.  If not for my personal benefit then for the money they can earn.  (I wonder if the one euro resembles the likelihood that I am able to see my change through. 😉 )

I hesitated and did not go for the extra challenge. 

Looking back this hesitation perfectly shows my commitment to my goal. One euro every time I miss out will not likely bankrupt me. It is a very practical method to keep attention focused on the goal. It seems I am not that dedicated to my goal after all. It is not even worth one euro.

The text books on change teach us that besides the goal you want to reach you also need to know what you are willing to put in to reach your goal. The simple one euro question answered it for me.

I have a perfect understanding of what and why I want to change things but I am not putting in my attention and energy when it comes down to actual doing!

I will invest one euro for every “I have to” till I reach 21 days in a row of not saying these words.

Since attention has been fading I start counting today.

What are you willing to do on a continuous basis?