Why Continuous Delivery is a Business descision

With the continuous, nowadays relentless and often disruptive, pressure on creating value, every decision on the organization strongly influences the overall performance. No decision can be made without taken this cohesion into account.

Organization building blocks like; the customer promise, governance, KPI- plan, roadmaps, investment themes, scrum/agile teams all have to continuous be realigned to adapt to constant changing circumstances. Be it external; changing customer preferences or internal; growing maturity levels. Every change is an opportunity to maximize value creation.

Continuous Delivery might be more a technical practice, but its benefits go way beyond the technical team or even the wider project. The benefits of successfully adopting Continuous Delivery could have a real strategic impact on the competitive advantage of an organization.

Here are 7 reasons why Continuous Delivery needs to be an integrated BUSINESS initiative:
1. Build the Right Product
2. Earlier Benefits
3. Ability to React Quickly and Respond to Change
4. Innovation
5. Reliability & Stability
6. More Efficient / Save Time
7. Strategic Impact